When your Roland is going to be down for a while

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  • Downtime requires preparation.

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Following on after the previous post, here are tips specific to your Roland printer that should be taken before it stands idle for any length of time. These maintenance measures will ensure that when you’re ready to fire it up again, it will function properly.

A common concern is about clogging. Manual cleaning before shutting down would have helped ensure that clogging and related issues don’t occur now when you get going again. Yes we know, 20-20 hindsight is great but perhaps you can keep it in mind for the future. In any case, regular cleaning even during normal operating times is essential to keep the equipment in good operating condition.

In addition to all this, turning off at the front panel but leaving the primary power source on (per the switch at the back) will allow the automatic maintenance system to kick in while you’re away.

And, of course, if away for an extended period of time, keep the equipment covered as protection against dust.

Preventative maintenance is a very good habit to develop for all equipment but particularly so for sensitive printing equipment.

Who knows what the future holds with regards to shutdowns, so even if you missed some of these measures before, keep them in mind for the future.