Who prints these signs?

The thumbnail version:

  • Bad signs are not hard to find
  • Comprehensive quality control is important

The full version:

At least once a day I seem to be confronted with “what were they thinking?” signs. Sometimes they’re signs on businesses, sometimes they’re alongside roads, and sometimes they’re part of a crowd of signs at intersections near villages and small towns (this is common in rural Nova Scotia, for instance).

Often they’re hard to read because of bad colour choices, small text, and cluttered graphics, Sometimes when they can be read, they have silly mistakes, like the example here.

All of this makes one wonder why the print shops that produced the signs didn’t do better quality control. Surely a good shop doesn’t only offer great customer service and design advice, but also quality controls every aspect of a sign?

Sure, some of these sign errors are funny when exposed on the internet, but they don’t reflect well on the shops that produce them. How’s your shop’s quality control?