Writing on the wall . . .

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  • Be aware of current trends in the industry to remain competitive
  • SGIA reports that 95% of industry professionals believe there are expansion opportunities

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PrintingNews recently posted an article about the acquisition of new equipment by Cowan Graphics of Edmonton—a long-time Stanley’s customer.

Take note of the writing on the wall

The post included the following paragraph about opportunities to better serve customers that should be noted by all players in the industry, big and small . . .

“Companies like Cowan are innovators in their field by recognizing and embracing the need for technology that expands and diversifies their product offerings. The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) announced in a 2019 report that many industry professionals have identified opportunities to better serve their customers with services outside of their primary offerings, with 95% reporting there is opportunity for expansion within their own businesses, and 93% saying they believe expansion is happening within the industry as a whole. Not surprisingly, many printers are adopting new technologies and expanding service offerings to remain competitive.”

This is an example of “writing on the wall” that should not be overlooked by shops serious about remaining competitive.