Your competitors are no longer buying equipment on blind faith, nor should you.

Blind faith. No way to buy equipment!

According to one industry equipment supplier, print and sign businesses, more than ever, want to see equipment in action and test its capabilities extensively before deciding to buy. This expert believes that there are 4 reason for this:

  1. Having made purchases before without proper research, printers have learnt from the experience and now want to know much more about the equipment’s capabilities before buying it.
  2. The market has become so competitive that printers want to make sure that the equipment they buy is going to give them a strategic advantage or at least enable them to keep up with their competitors.
  3. There is a growing awareness that a way to increase margins is to reduce the cost of finishing. They need to find out how new equipment can help them do this.
  4. The competitive nature of the industry is making printers look for equipment that can add new revenue streams.

This is just another reason to attend shows, visit equipment manufacturers’ facilities, and work with Stanley’s to be sure that any new equipment purchase is going to meet your needs. Buying blind (or even half blind) has never been a good idea. Your competitors are waking up to this realization, so should you.