Your shop’s online activity

How comprehensive is your shop’s online presence? Are you constantly reminding customers and potential customers that you’re around and ready to do business?

There was a time when a website was sufficient for an online presence but things have progressed rapidly in the online digital world over the past decade or so with the growth of the reach of social media platforms; Facebook launched only 15 years ago and Instagram only 9 years ago. Both of these as well as other social media platforms like Pinterest (launched 9 years ago) and YouTube (launched 14 years ago) accommodate businesses. And your shop should be making use of them.

Hey, we’re still here and ready to do business with you!

A comprehensive online presence for your shop could include a website with a blog, and a regular presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and perhaps even videos on YouTube. In a competitive market in which customers are bombarded daily with online information you need to constantly remind your customers and that you’re still around or you will be lost in the noise and clutter.

Remember a saying that’s been around since 1563 and is as true now as it was then: Out of sight, out of mind.

None of this needs to be costly but there will have to be a time commitment if you assign it to an employee or do it yourself with the help of some of the many tools and how-to guides available, you guessed it, online. On the other hand, you can pay a social media expert to get you set up after which you can maintain your shop’s online presence.

The route you decide to take to establishing and maintaining a comprehensive online presence is an important decision, but the really important decision is the one you take to actually do it.