Ginny Mumm, a freelance consultant for Roland, has authored an article on “how expanded UV gamuts add vibrancy and accuracy to projects.” This is good information, particularly for printers expected to produce accurate colours for demanding corporate clients.

She interviewed Jay Roberts, UV printer product manager at Roland, who provides some interesting insights into the UV market and the advancements in UV ink production. Roberts explains how by expanding UV ink gamuts, 89 percent of PANTONE colours can now be matched whereas previously it was only 60 percent or less. He goes on to explain that colour accuracy is not just dependent upon the ink gamut but is achieved by three critical elements working together—”the viscosity of the ink has to line up with the firing capability of the printheads and the curing ability of the lamps.”

The full article is a must-read for UV printers and can be found in the February edition of Sun Media Canada.