Roland tells the interesting story about VIVAS Inc. where they did some re-thinking about their business. “We took the time to properly categorize our services, with vehicle branding emerging as one of the most important. While we’ve been producing vehicle graphics for some time, when we officially branded our vehicle wrap design, we also began promoting that service to clients.”

One of the results of this strategic initiative was landing a contract to wrap a fleet of new vans for Meals on Wheels in San Francisco. It was a comprehensive job that involved designing, creating mock-ups, colour testing, printing, installing, and then reviewing the entire project.

While it’s always interesting to find out what other shops are doing and how they go about their business, the question to always ask is, “Is there a lesson in here for my shop?” In this case I’d say the lesson is about occasionally stepping off the treadmill and taking a close look at where the shop is and where it wants to go. This process might then result in a strategic shift, re-branding, or some other beneficial change.

Think about re-thinking.