It’s always good business practice to periodically review processes to ensure that they’re still relevant and contributing the efficiency and/or control that they were originally implemented for. One such process that has a direct impact on the quality of the end product and could be embarrassing, costly to correct, and lose your shop customers if it fails, is editing the text on signs and billboards.

By now, thanks to the internet, we’ve probably all seen glaring errors immediately obvious to everyone except, apparently, the person who made it. I’m referring, for instance, to the word “STOP” painted in large, white letters on the road surface at an intersection as “SOTP”. But errors are not always this obvious, they can be a lot more subtle. Are you 100 percent confident that your editing and quality control process would have caught these typos spotted on billboards and signs?:

  • Not eveything needs to be done in a New York Minute.
  • ABC Chilren’s Academy
  • Be a Biomedical Technincian
  • Alway’s there, when you need us.
  • A tasty contraditcion

100 percent confident? Time for a process review?