Large organizations and governments frequently undertake simplification exercises or projects which they like to refer to as “red tape reduction.” Essentially it’s a process of eliminating unnecessary activities and streamlining others to achieve the simplification we all crave when things just seem to become unnecessarily  complicated and waste our time rather than deliver value.

Well, the concept and process of simplification applies to businesses such as even the smallest graphics shop as much as it does to any other organization. Not on the same scale of course, but it still offers benefits. And we’re talking about everything from operations to administration.

Here are some inspiring quotes to get you thinking about simplification from a well-known advocate of simplification, the late Edward de Bono (1933 – 2021):

  • “A search for simplicity should enable us to rethink everything—not only problem areas.”
  • “As a ship’s hull attracts barnacles, so all processes attract complications which add little value.”
  • “If you are too good at adapting to the current system you may never realize that the system needs changing.”
  • “We should not assume that simplicity always depends on major changes. Slight changes in small things can sometimes make processes much simpler.”

Pause. Get of the treadmill. Stand back. Spot those irritants and time-wasters that have crept in. Get rid of them.