When people talk about keeping up to date with the latest income-producing technology for your shop, they usually mean attending trade shows. And there’s a lot to be said for that. The upside is that you get to talk to a lot of people and see a lot in an intense few days. You’re bound to see technological advancements, new equipment, and fresh ideas that could add to your sign shop’s bottom line.

The downside of trade shows is that for most Canadians shop owners it means incurring travel and accommodation expenses, not to mention the “entertainment” expenses. You also need to take time away from the shop, which is often not a bad idea but can be a nuisance if there’s a clash with the timing of a critical job.

Also, if you’ve just recently launched your sign shop, travel and accommodation may not be in the budget yet. But, not to despair, there are other ways of staying up to date on technological advancements without leaving your shop—although they’re not as productive as attending a show in person. For instance, nowadays more and more manufacturers are offering webinars and other online and digital information-sharing facilities.

So don’t miss out on opportunities. Don’t let technology pass you by. Stay in touch. Be informed. It’s smart business

The next significant show is just around the corner—The ISA Sign Expo 2024 in Orlando, Florida on 10th to 12th April.