What is Sign MFG day and why should your sign shop participate?

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  • Sign MFG day is coming around again
  • There are a number of benefits to participating

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Future employees at Sign Manufacturing Day.

Sign MFG day is organized by International Sign Association (ISA) and is aimed at encouraging future sign industry workers by introducing them to the industry.

On October 1st this year, participating shops will invite students to visit and, by way of facility tours, demonstrations, and discussion, find out about the industry. The purpose is to address one of the industry’s biggest headaches—finding qualified workers. Sign MFG day is a first step to solving this problem.

And not only potential workers are encouraged to participate. ISA suggests that if shops were to allow participation by community members as well it would promote understanding of the industry and demonstrate its value to the economy. And then there’s always the possibility that better awareness among the community could generate new business.

Registration is the first step to participating. You can register your shop here: https://www.signs.org/mfgday/register

Footnote: All of this of course presupposes that the COVID situation at the time allows for the event to be conducted safely and that all the usual precautions will be taken.